Original Articles

The influence of different forms and concentrations of nitrogen on total nonstructural carbohydrate allocation and growth in Digitaria eriantha

DOI: 10.1080/02566702.1988.9648131
Author(s): SarahN. SalmDepartment of Botany,, MaureenM. WolfsonDepartment of Botany,


Digitaria eriantha plants were grown under controlled conditions for a period of three months, during which time they were supplied with the following forms and concentrations of nitrogen: 50 mg/1 NO3 ‐N, 200 mg/1 NO3 ‐N, 200 mg/1 NH4 +‐N and a combined form containing both NO3 ‐N and NH4 +‐N with a nitrogen concentration of 200 mg/1. Control plants received no nitrogen.

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