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Fertilization of southern tall grassveld of natal: Effects on botanical composition and utilization under grazing

DOI: 10.1080/02566702.1987.9648072
Author(s): G.R. BarnesDepartment of Grassland Science,, D.I. BransbyDepartment of Grassland Science,, N.M. TaintonDepartment of Grassland Science,


The long‐term effects of nitrogen, phosphate and lime on change in botanical composition and utilization under grazing of Southern Tall Grassveld of Natal are presented. Nitrogen, phosphate, lime and type of nitrogen affected botanical composition significantly. Generally, fertilization had the same effect on species composition score as heavy grazing. No change was observed in utilization by the grazing animal as nitrogen was increased, although a nitrogen X phosphate interaction was evident. Utilization by the grazing animal was not related to species composition score (SCS). Consequently, SCS alone cannot be used to predict grazing capacity.

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