Published in: Ostrich: Journal of African Ornithology
Volume 29, issue 2, 1958 , pages: 86–91
DOI: 10.1080/00306525.1958.9639074
Author(s): David Lack,, H.K. Morgan,, H.K. Morgan,, D.T. ColeDepartment of Bantu Languages.,, J.H. Power,, D.T. ColeDepartment of Bantu Languages,, J.M. Winterbottom,, G.L. Maclean,, C.F. Belcher,, J.M. Winterbottom,, G.J. Broekhuysen,, M.H. Broekhuysen,, J., De V. LittleDept. of Geology,, K. Morgan, P. Wheeler, K.R. HallDepartment of Psychology,


There is no abstract available for this article, however you may find a scanned version of the first page here .

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