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Towards a method of assessing the veld condition of the valley bushveld in the Eastern Cape

DOI: 10.1080/02566702.1986.9648026
Author(s): G C Stuart‐HillDepartment of Agriculture and Water Supply (Eastern Cape Region),, A J AucampDepartment of Agriculture and Water Supply (Eastern Cape Region),, C J G Le RouxDepartment of Agriculture and Water Supply (Eastern Cape Region),, W R TeagueDepartment of Agriculture and Water Supply (Eastern Cape Region),


Currently, no technique is available for assessing the condition of Valley Bushveld in the Eastern Cape. The objective of this investigation was to develop a method of scoring bushveld according to its productive condition. It was established, through principal component analysis that, while bushveld condition is negatively related to the percentage of Lycium austrinum, it is positively related to tree density, foliage volume below 1,5 m, the percentage of Portulacaria afra, Euphorbia spp. and Scholia afra. Furthermore, it was established that species such as Brachylaena ilicifolia, Rhigozum obovatum, Zygophyllum morgsana and Azima tetracantha are indicative of important differences within the Valley Bushveld. From these variables a tentative technique was developed to score the condition of Valley Bushveld.

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