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Migration status, reproductive health knowledge and sexual behaviour among female out-of-school adolescents in Iwaya community, Lagos, Nigeria

Published in: African Journal of AIDS Research
Volume 12, issue 4, 2013 , pages: 221–228
DOI: 10.2989/16085906.2013.864985
Author(s): Michael ON KunnujiDepartment of Sociology, Nigeria, Samual AdejohDepartment of Sociology, Nigeria, Uwemedimo EsietAction Health Incorporated (AHI), Nigeria, Adenike EsietAction Health Incorporated (AHI), Nigeria


Reproductive health is an essential aspect of the wellbeing of adolescents. Therefore reproductive health knowledge and sexual behaviour deservedly attract the attention of researchers, programme planners and policy implementers working with young people. Yet in Nigeria, little is known about the effect of migration status on reproductive health knowledge and sexual activities of young people in general and out-of-school adolescent girls in particular. This study used data from a survey of 480 out-of-school adolescent girls to provide empirical answers to these puzzles. The results indicated that migrants were less knowledgeable about HIV and AIDS but were as poorly aware of methods of contraceptives as non-migrants. The observed differentials had no significant effect on sexual practices such as involvement in penetrative sexual intercourse and multiple sexual partnerships. The study concluded that migration status is a major basis for social exclusion in the study population and recommends more inclusive approaches in the implementation of reproductive health programmes.

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