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There is no reason to argue about taste

Author(s): Peter KlosseAcademie voor Gastronomie, Hotel Gastronomique De Echoput, Netherlands
Pages: 1–3

Assessment of body composition in lactating mothers in a rural African community using deuterium oxide

Author(s): G.A. EttyangDepartment of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Kenya, van Marken LichtenbeltDepartment of Human Biology,, W.H.M. SarisDepartment of Human Biology,, A. OlooDepartment of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, Kenya
Pages: 10–15

Food of the Black-Backed Jackal: A Preliminary Report

Published in: Zoologica Africana Volume 1, issue 1, 1965
Author(s): R. N. GraftonS.A. Lombard Nature Reserve,
Pages: 41–53

The benefits of using a community-engaged research approach to promote a healthy lifestyle in three Nigerian urban slums

Author(s): O P AkinwaleNigerian Institute of Medical Research, Nigeria, J O OyefaraFaculty of Social Sciences, University of Lagos, Nigeria, P E AdejohFaculty of Social Sciences, University of Lagos, Nigeria, A A AdeneyeFaculty of Basic Medical Sciences, Lagos State University College of Medicine, Nigeria, A K AdeneyeNigerian Institute of Medical Research, Nigeria, Z A MusaNigerian Institute of Medical Research, Nigeria, K S OyedejiNigerian Institute of Medical Research, Nigeria, M A SulymanNigerian Institute of Medical Research, Nigeria
Pages: 48–50

Comparative in Vitro activity of Generic Injectable Cephalosporins

Author(s): L B LiebowitaDepartment of Medical Microbiology, Tygeberg Hospital, University of Stellenbosch,, M SlabbertDepartment of Medical Microbiology, Tygeberg Hospital, University of Stellenbosch,
Pages: 82–84

Young breast cancer patients in the developing world: incidence, choice of surgical treatment and genetic factors

Author(s): W M KrugerGeneral Practitioner with special interest in breast health in private practice,, J P ApffelstaedtProfessor in Surgery, University of Stellenbosch Head,
Pages: 29–31

The Effects of Phosphate Fertilizers and Manure on Maize Yields in South Western Kenya

Author(s): J. S. AdembaKenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) Kisii, Kenya, J. K. KwachKenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) Kisii, Kenya, A. O. EsilabaKenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) Headquarters, Kenya, S. M. NgariEgerton University, Kenya
Pages: 1–11

A Framework of Objectives for Financial Reporting in South Africa

Published in: De Ratione Volume 1, issue 1, 1987
Author(s): J. MillerFinancial Reporting Unit, University of Natal,
Pages: 2–13

Hospitality and hospitableness

Published in: Volume 5, issue 1, 2015
Author(s): Conrad LashleyAcademy of International Hospitality Research, Stenden University of Applied Sciences, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
Pages: 1–7

Why Africa Journal of Management and Why Now?

Author(s): Stella M. NkomoDepartment of Human Resource Management, South Africa, David ZoogahEarl Graves School of Business, USA, Moses AcquaahDepartment of Management, Bryan School of Business and Economics, USA
Pages: 4–26

Wildlife roadkill patterns on a major highway in northern Tanzania

Published in: African Zoology Volume 50, issue 1, 2015
Author(s): John KiokoSchool for Field Studies, Tanzania, Christian KiffnerSchool for Field Studies, Tanzania, Nicole JenkinsDepartment of Environmental Studies, USA, Wendy J CollinsonEndangered Wildlife Trust, South Africa
Pages: 17–22