NISC Publications now with ORCiD Integration

Posted 8 November 2016 by NISC under Announcements & Notices
NISC Publications now with ORCiD Integration

ORCiD is becoming an essential part of the academic ecosystem with numerous research funders, including the National Research Foundation, now integrating ORCiD functionality into their grant application process. 

Just as DOIs (digital object identifiers) help to locate the version of record of journal articles, so ORCiD (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) is doing the same for authors. By registering with ORCiD, authors received a unique, persistent identifier that helps to resolve common ambiguities experienced in identifying specific authors and their affiliation.

NISC will now be including authors’ ORCiD details in all papers that we publish, where such identifiers have been provided. “While it is not mandatory for authors to submit an ORCiD identifier with their manuscript, we believe it is important to encourage its adoption and use, displaying it on department websites and on email signatures,” explains NISC’s Managing Director, Mike Schramm.

When making an online submission to one of NISC’s journals via ScholarOne, authors can input their ORCiD identifier, providing a reliable way of linking the correct author with the final published article. The value lies in authors keeping their affiliation and related details up to date on the ORCiD database. The ORCiD identifier and the ORCiD logo will be displayed in the online and printed NISC article, along with the author details – meaning that others can use it to see what else that author has published and to identify their other professional activities. 

Due to research funders integrating ORCiD into their grant application process, many academic institutions have registered staff members on their behalf to fast track the process. However, the process of registration is straightforward and individuals can do so themselves by going to:

It has been an enriching experience working with such enthusiastic and professional people at NISC who have become more friends than business partners over the years.
- Stan Pillar, Editor of the African Journal of Marine Science (1996-2013)
The proofs look great! Thank you so much. The efficiency of the journal now is really excellent. Easy to work with, and so thorough. I appreciate it.
- Regular SAJP Author on his first interaction with NISC
The biggest development in the history of Quaestiones Mathematicae was the association with NISC and to have the journal running in a very stable way without severe financial concerns.
- Barry Green, QM Editor
Perhaps the most important change, in terms of bringing the Journal to a wider audience, has been its publishing in collaboration with the NISC (Pty) Ltd.
- Stan Pillar, Editor of the African Journal of Marine Science (1996-2013)
Since 1995, NISC has systematically built up competence and the necessary capacity in all aspects of publishing high-level research journals, with the professionalism needed to flourish in the increasingly competitive world of international research publications. No other publisher in South Africa commands the necessary technical skills, experience, competence, enthusiasm and resources to the same degree as NISC, in my view.
- Graham Baker, Editor of the South African Journal of Science (1973-2008)