Africa Journal of Management: Call for Papers

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Africa Journal of Management: Call for Papers

Agriculture is the backbone of most African economies and agribusinesses. Supply inputs and processes as well as market outputs have the potential to bring about a second round of growth in on the continent by increasing employment, income and export revenues. 

However, the African agribusiness sector faces many management challenges. Such as: dealing with unique policy environments; coping with agricultural systems that are smallholder-based; and finding adequate managerial and entrepreneurial capacity.

A further challenge that requires serious consideration is how to engage the youth, who cannot find suitable opportunities elsewhere, in agribusiness, despite their reluctance. 

Their role will be critical in Africa’s agribusiness growth story and perhaps the enormous potential of agribusiness, which the youth may find more rewarding and attractive than traditional production agriculture, must be communicated to them.

Whatever the case, what is certainly clear, is that little is known and documented about the context in which agribusiness firms operate in Africa and the managerial challenges they face as a result. 

This special issue of Africa Journal of Management aims to delve into major management challenges of African agribusiness ventures. It will bring together different management aspects of agribusiness in Africa, aiming to highlight the current challenges, suggest a way forward so as to unleash the potential of the sector and open new avenues for management scholarship. 

It is expected that papers for this Issue will cover a wide range of agribusiness management and research issues facing African countries including, but not limited to creating and managing policy space for agribusiness, what it takes to produce and maintain a new generation of agribusiness managers, connecting agribusiness to commodity exchanges in Africa and various other crosscutting and contemporary issues.

Authors can submit a 200-word abstract by 15 July 2016 for editors’ feedback to proceed with a full paper.  Final papers must be submitted by end August 2016. 

Read more about this call for papers by reading the full Concept Note here.

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