New Editor for Quaestiones Mathematicae

Posted 18 May 2016 by NISC under Announcements & Notices • Journal: Quaestiones Mathematicae
New Editor for Quaestiones Mathematicae

According to Professor Themba Dube “Former editor, Professor Barry Green, did sterling work in making Quaestiones Mathematicae a truly respectable journal”. Prof Dube who after standing as the Associate Editor, has been announced as the Editor of Quaestiones Mathematicae from 2016.

Dube is currently a Professor in Mathematics at the University of South Africa (Unisa), as well as a member of the Unisa Senate and Chair and of the Departmental Research and Innovation Committee. His main research interests are in Pointfree Topology and Commutative f-rings. 

In an interview with NISC, Prof Dube indicated that Quaestiones Mathematicae would continue to be a fully multidisciplinary journal. The new editor said “As long as the submission is of the quality that has made Quaestiones Mathematicae respectable, it will be treated fairly without prejudice”. In order to further this objective Prof Dube also aims to strengthen the editorial board of the journal, acknowledging that there are mainstream areas that are currently not “represented” on the board. He has initiated discussions with the associate editors to address this matter. 

Under Barry Green’s stewardship the Impact Factor steadily increased. “My aim is to continue the hard work and ensure that Quaestiones Mathematicae publishes only high quality research and survey articles”. Quaestiones Mathematicae will be publishing 8 issues a year from 2016.

In Celebration of Professor Themba Dube’s appointment, three of his papers have been made freely available until the end June 2016. 

Ideal associated with realcompactness in pointfree function rings, Volume 38, 6 

A note on almost uniform nearness frames, Volume 34, 2

Notes concerning characterizations of quasi-F frames, Volume 32, 4 

In addition, the articles listed below from Volume 39, have also been made available on free of charge until the end June 2016.

Essential extensions with the -extending property, Volume 39, 1

Applications of the growth characteristics induced by the spectral distance, Volume 39, 1

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