NISC to handle African subscriptions for UNISA Press/Taylor & Francis

Posted 12 December 2010 by NISC under Announcements & Notices
NISC to handle African subscriptions for UNISA Press/Taylor & Francis

We are pleased to announce that from 2011 NISC will be handling African subscriptions for UNISA Press-Taylor & Francis co-published titles.

All journals published by NISC and UNISA Press in collaboration with Taylor & Francis are available exclusively to African customers at discounted South African Rand rates. As from 2011, for ease of purchasing, these titles are now all available for purchase through a single portal, NISC. NISC will also be handling the distribution, claims, online activations and general subscriber support for UNISA Press titles ordered through NISC.

For a list of UNISA Press titles that should now be ordered through NISC, please see the pricelist available at here.  If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact NISC.

Taylor & Francis will continue to handle subscriptions and distribution for customers outside of Africa for these co-published titles.

UNISA Press will continue to handle subscriptions and distribution for those journals not co-published with Taylor & Francis (see For further information about the UNISA Press journals and books contact

For more information about the UNISA Press-Taylor & Francis co-publishing partnership please visit

The subscriptions and distribution agreement between UNISA Press and NISC represents a beneficial and innovative partnership between two leading South African scholarly and scientific journal publishers.


The biggest development in the history of Quaestiones Mathematicae was the association with NISC and to have the journal running in a very stable way without severe financial concerns.
- Barry Green, QM Editor
It has been an enriching experience working with such enthusiastic and professional people at NISC who have become more friends than business partners over the years.
- Stan Pillar, Editor of the African Journal of Marine Science (1996-2013)
The proofs look great! Thank you so much. The efficiency of the journal now is really excellent. Easy to work with, and so thorough. I appreciate it.
- Regular SAJP Author on his first interaction with NISC
Thank you for the rare experience of a set of proofs on which I can find nothing to correct!
- SAJP author from Florida Atlantic University
Excellent attention by editor-in-chief; very good work of reviewers; good time for review and processing.
- Author - African Journal of Range & Forage Science