Milestones for South African Journal of African Languages

Posted 8 April 2020 by NISC under Announcements & Notices • Journal: South African Journal of African Languages
Milestones for South African Journal of African Languages

The South African Journal of African Languages is a peer-reviewed research journal devoted to the advancement of African (Bantu) and Khoe-San languages and literatures with Volume 40, Issue 1 seeing the journal reaching an important milestone with it's 40th uninterrupted year of publication. This year the journal also see's the retirement of Professor Inge Kosch who was the Editor-in-Chief of the journal and welcomes Doctor Thulani Mkhize.

"I am very privileged to be inheriting an esteemed and established journal such as the South African Journal of African Languages. Over the past year, I have had the great pleasure of being guided and oriented in the innerworkings of the journal by Professor Inge Kosch, who has been doing an exceptional job in her role as Editor-in-Chief for the past twelve years," said Doctor Mkhize. 

In Professor Kosch's Editorial which is published in the latest issue and available to read at no cost until the end of May 2020 she highlights that she would like to express her sincere thanks to Doctor Mkhize and notes that the journal, which has been published by NISC since 2012, allowed for tasks such as editing, typesetting, communicating with authors up to the final product, printing and distribution to be brought under one roof.  "We owe a great debt of thanks to NISC for having made it possible for the journal to be co-published with Taylor and Francis (Routledge) from 2013, to help boost its international profile," said Professor Kosch. 

Papers, book reviews and polemic contributions of a scientific nature in any of the core areas of linguistics, both theoretical (e.g. syntax, phonology, semantics) and applied (e.g. sociolinguistic topics, language teaching, language policy), and literature, based on original research in the context of the African languages, are welcomed by the journal. 

It is Doctor Thulani Mkhize's hope that as she joins the community of scholars and experts who contribute to the success of the journal, the journal continues to grow in scholarly rigour and esteem and that the articles published in its pages centre research that has long been on the periphery yet resonates with contemporary significance. "I trust that the journal will be a gate opener and a true reflection of ideological trends on the ground which are worthy of attention," said Mkhize. 

Read the Editorial which has been made available to read at no cost until the end of May here

The review process is quick and is being done within the reasonable time. After acceptance, NISC is also quick enough to send proofs and is very efficiently publishes the accepted paper online before its print version.

- Author - Southern Forests: A Journal of Forest Science
The paper was wonderfully laid out and rapidly published
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The editorial experience was excellent: the reviewers were timely and their feedback was generative. The co-editor of the special issue was proactive about communicating information to me. In latter stages, the staff that shepherded the essay through the copy-editing stages was also very helpful and in good contact.
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A very supportive, personal and committed editorial team, which takes quality of the work very seriously. I learned a lot through the experience of publishing with Anthropology Southern Africa, and felt supported throughout the process.
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Thank you for the rare experience of a set of proofs on which I can find nothing to correct!
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