Ostrich: Best Student Research

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Ostrich: Best Student Research

The best student paper published in Ostrich in 2018 was awarded to Bukola Braimoh for her paper examining human disturbance of birds in Amurum Forest Reserve, Nigeria, and its surrounding habitats, the results of which inform disturbance management.

Her paper was selected as the best from a field of 14 papers, which were a showcase of high-quality African ornithology. The paper was a collaborative effort with authors representing Universities of Jos and Lagos (Nigeria), Universities of Stirling and St Andrews (UK), and University of Cape Town (South Africa). 

Bukola Braimoh is a passionate, smart, hardworking and dedicated Nigerian scientist in her early thirties. She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology from the University of Jos, Nigeria. She was introduced to the fascinating world of ornithology at the A. P. Leventis Ornithological Research Institute (APLORI) where she obtained a Master of Science degree in Conservation Biology graduating with distinction and as the best student of the 2013/2014 set. 

She is currently focusing on her doctoral research at UCT on the breeding ecology of the African Black Oystercatcher on Robben Island, Western Cape, South Africa. She hopes that her findings will increase the understanding of how the oystercatcher on Robben Island is impacted by climate change, the timing of breeding, the strategies the birds employ to cope with heat stress and the current factors underpinning the breeding success of the species. 

Her paper, published in Ostrich is available to read for a limited free access period here

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