Upcoming Medal Special Issues - African Journal of Aquatic Science

Posted 12 December 2018 by NISC under Announcements & Notices
Upcoming Medal Special Issues - African Journal of Aquatic Science

African Journal of Aquatic Science is proud to announce a new series of Medal Special Issues which will be co-edited (with assistance from the African Journal of Aquatic Science team) by two Southern African Society of Aquatic Scientists (SASAqS) Medal Winners. 

The first two planned Medal Special Issues are:

1. Perspectives on protecting African estuarine ecosystems in the Anthropocene. (Guest co-editors: Janine Adams and Alan Whitfield). 

2. Perspectives on protecting African freshwater ecosystems  in the Anthropocene. (Guest co-editors: Jackie King and Tally Palmer). 

Invitiations are now open to prepare a scientific article for the first planned special issue. It is the team's hope that the special issue will highlight their achievements in estuary conservation and management. 

This special issue of African Journal of Aquatic Science is designed to highlight the status of our knowledge of estuaries in Africa, with particular emphasis on research that helps us understand the responses of these systems to human impacts, and the options for mitigating the influence of activities that prevent the optimal functioning of these coastal ‘gems’.

The focus is on the protection and conservation of African estuaries in line with the aims and objectives of international conventions, national legislation and national strategies for the protection of marine and coastal areas, such as the South African National Protected Areas Expansion Strategy (NPAES). It also aims to highlight the advantages of collaboration between scientists, sociologists, legislators, environmental managers, law enforcement agencies and the public to promote healthy estuaries for both people and the organisms that depend on these systems for their existence.


1 February 2019 - Abstracts to be submitted for consideration to Janine.Adams@mandela.ac.za and a.whitfield@saiab.ac.za.

24 May 2019 - Manuscript submission deadline. 

March 2020 - Special issue publication. 

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