African Zoology Cover Competition Finalists

Posted 11 May 2018 by NISC under Announcements & Notices • Journal: African Zoology
African Zoology Cover Competition Finalists

Update: 2018/05/16 COMPETITION CLOSED

His photograph of an African Honey Bee (Apis melifera) will feature on the next cover of African Zoology.

We have had an overwhelming number of votes for these 6 excellent images and will consider making use of some of our other finalist’s photographs in future volumes of African Zoology.

Thank you to all those who voted and particularly all those who submitted their photographs for consideration.


Which is your favourite?  Help us choose the next cover of African Zoology. Add you comment on our Facebook page post indicating which cover you prefer. There are six potential covers to choose from. 

Option1: Aardvark (Orycteropus afer) taken by Kelsey Green.
Option 2: African Honey Bee (Apis melifera) taken by Jonathan Balmer.
Option 3: Brown-backed Tree Frog (Leptopelis mossambicus) taken by Chad Keates.
Option 4: Giant Ground Gecko (Chondrodactylus angulifer) taken by Shivan Parusnath.
Option 5: Longhorn Beetle (Cerambycidae) taken by Bevan Dell. 
Option 6: African Wild Dog (Lycaon pictus) taken by Braeme Holland.


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