NISC welcomes a New Editor-in-Chief

Posted 1 February 2018 by under Announcements & Notices • Journal: African Journal of Range & Forage Science
NISC welcomes a New Editor-in-Chief

“I am excited about the future of the journal and am committed to helping continue the ever-improving trajectory it has established over the past few years under the Editorship of Dr James Bennett,” said Dr Pieter Swanepoel, the incoming Editor-in-Chief for African Journal of Range and Forage Science

Dr Pieter Swanepoel has been  a member of the Grasslands Society of Southern Africa (GSSA) since 2009 and has been an Associate Editor since 2013. “The role of editor is a significant responsibility, and I thank the GSSA committee for the trust they have placed in my ability to lead the African Journal of Range and Forage Science.”

Dr Pieter Swanepoel is currently employed by Stellenbosch University, where he lectures Agronomy (including pasture agronomy) and does research mainly on soil quality of pasture and crop rotation systems. “Going forward the journal is in a good position and this is due in no small part to the efforts of the editorial team,” said outgoing Editor-in-Chief, Dr James Bennett. 

In addition, the journal welcomes two newly appointed Associate Editors: Dr Debbie Jewitt from Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife and Dr Lindeque du Toit from the University of Pretoria. In welcoming Dr Pieter Swanepoel as Editor-in-Chief of the African Journal of Range and Forage Science, his papers listed below have been made available to access at no cost until the end of February 2018. 

A critical view on the soil fertility status of minimum-till kikuyu–ryegrass pastures in South Africa

Soil quality effects on regeneration of annual Medicago pastures in the Swartland of South Africa 

Managing cultivated pastures for improving soil quality in South Africa: challenges and opportunities

With an Impact Factor of 0.961 (2016), the African Journal of Range & Forage Science is the leading rangeland and pastoral journal in Africa. The journal is dedicated to publishing quality original material that advances rangeland ecology and pasture management in Africa. Read more about the journal here


The paper was wonderfully laid out and rapidly published
- Author- Ostrich: Journal of African Ornithology
Thank you for the rare experience of a set of proofs on which I can find nothing to correct!
- SAJP author from Florida Atlantic University
Perhaps the most important change, in terms of bringing the Journal to a wider audience, has been its publishing in collaboration with the NISC (Pty) Ltd.
- Stan Pillar, Editor of the African Journal of Marine Science (1996-2013)
The NISC partnership has benefited the Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology by bringing sustainability, additional branding and marketing, a wider reach through its websites, and the added value of expertise in the very competitive world of publishing.
- Chris Stones, IPJP Editor-in-Chief since 2003
It has been an enriching experience working with such enthusiastic and professional people at NISC who have become more friends than business partners over the years.
- Stan Pillar, Editor of the African Journal of Marine Science (1996-2013)