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Aims & Scope

The Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology (IPJP) is intended to provide scholars in the Southern Hemisphere with an avenue through which they can express their scholarship. The IPJP also serves as a networking opportunity for scholars in the region as they undertake their research. Similar avenues do exist in the Northern Hemisphere (Europe and North America).

The IPJP is intended primarily as a forum for Southern African, Indian, Australian, Asian, New Zealand and Pacific Island scholars to discuss a broad range of phenomenological issues. However, contributions from the Northern Hemisphere will also be considered.

The underlying assumption of the IPJP is that phenomenology provides researchers with a unique research philosophy which allows them to explore issues central to the question of being human. It enables the richness of human experience to be fully explicated.

We particularly seek to support and encourage those scholars who feel the need for a further dimension in their research that would enable them to explore topics whose import lies beyond the reach of measurement and calibration, and in areas such as human meaning, experience, values, and truthfulness. Moreover, we envisage the Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology as providing established scholars and students with an avenue for publishing written material and undertaking new exploratory research in areas such as emotional sentiment, mental states, bodily experience and existence as well as social and interpersonal relationships, and the contexts in which these take place.



Christopher R Stones
Department of Psychology
Faculty of Humanities University of Johannesburg
Johannesburg 2001
South Africa

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Editorial Board

Hennie van der Mescht (executive secetary) – Rhodes University, South Africa
Sally Borbasi – Griffith University, Australia
Bruce Bradfield – Clinical Psychologist, Cape Town, South Africa
Roger Brooke – Duquesne University, USA
Karin Dahlberg – Växjö University, Sweden
André de Koning – Jungian Psychoanalyst, Australia
Stuart Devenish – Australian College of Ministries, Australia
Louise du Toit – University of Johannesburg, South Africa
Steve Edwards – Professor Emeritus of Psychology, South Africa
Lester Embree – Florida Atlantic University, USA
Linda Finlay – Freelance Academic Consultant, United Kingdom
Assie Gildenhuys – University of Pretoria, South Africa
Amedeo Giorgi – Saybrook Graduate School, USA
Philip Greenway – Monash University, Australia
Steen Halling – Seattle University, USA
Manton Hirst – Anthropologist, South Africa
Tom Martin – Rhodes University, South Africa
Paul MacDonald – Murdoch University, Australia
Chris Milton – Jungian Analyst, New Zealand
Kalpana Ram – Macquarie University, Australia
Brent Dean Robbins – Point Park University, USA
Dyann Ross – Edith Cowan University, Australia
Robert Schweitzer – Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Trish Sherwood – Edith Cowan University, Australia
Les Todres – Bournemouth University, United Kingdom
Ron Valle – Awakening: A Center for Exploring Living and Dying, USA
Max van Manen – The University of Alberta, Canada
Rex van Vuuren – St Augustine College, South Africa
Peter Willis – University of South Australia, Australia

Publishing Manager

Mike Schramm

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Latest Issue

Volume 17, Issue sup1, 2017: Positive Psychology and Phenomenology


Author(s): Tharina GuseAssociate Professor, Department of Psychology, South Africa
Pages: 1–3


On Baking a Cake: The Phenomenological Method in Positive Psychology
Author(s): Graham A. du PlessisSenior Research Fellow, Department of Psychology, South Africa, Carolina du PlessisCarolina du Plessis Lecturer, Department of Psychology, South Africa
Pages: 1–13
The Positive Experiences of Becoming a Psychologist: A Master’s Student’s Journey
Author(s): L. NelLecturer, Department of Psychology, South Africa, P. FouchéAssociate Professor, Department of Psychology, South Africa
Pages: 1–11
Exploring Psychological Well-Being and Positive Emotions in School Children Using a Narrative Approach
Author(s): Chiara RuiniAssociate Professor of Clinical Psychology, Department of Psychology, Italy, Francesca VescovelliClinical Psychologist & PhD Candidate, Department of Psychology, Italy, Veronica CarpiClinical Psychologist, Italy, Licia MasoniJunior Assistant Professor, Department of Education Studies, Italy
Pages: 1–9


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